About our foundation


The RDKONEL Foundation is a green non-profit and non-partisan, privately funded, research and consulting organization.


To build peace across the continent through servant leadership education strategy based on excellence.

The strategy

Our vision realization will occur through diverse activities facilitating both mission and strategic goals.


To recruited and form the continent’s most talented to become highly trained conscientious servants leaders for a better Africa.


Rdkonel accomplishes it mission as it work to attains the following objectives:

To research and create a healthy, nurturing, challenging, creative and engaging educational environment that:

1)Cultivate learners’ desire by offering them outstanding academic and leadership programs that meet their aspirations;

2)Facilitate learners’ immersion throughout Africa and around the world in the environment that will:

•help them to acquire servant leadership skills,

•enable them to share and exchange ideas, and to cope in a more confident way with the challenges of the future.