Our Strategic Goals: 


Our Strategic Goals:

  1. 1.Allocate resources capacity and people in support of our mission and goals.

  1. 2.Provide diverse perspectives that will help prepare future leaders for 21st century policy implementation

  1. 3.Provide a continual rigorous and engaged leader learning experience in a healthy international exchange environment.

  1. 4.Help in managing resources, capacity and people effectively and efficiently.

  1. 5.Make a greater international contribution by: facilitating quality research, teaching & learning collaboration between students and faculties, creating relationships to strengthen partner's engagement toward each other; and help sustain goodwill, trade and investment through education technology, and thus transcend language, religion, social, and/or political barriers;

  1. 6.Encourage relationships that will strengthen the engagement between academic professional through quality leadership learning and teaching

Our Commitment

At the core of our values is the idea of quality, characterized by a rigorous and challenging academic experience with a credibility that is built on trust, integrity and transparency. This quality is a hallmark of RDKONEL, which focuses on better future for all youths.